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Breast Lift - Mastopexy

A breast lift, also called mastopexy, raises and recontours loose, sagging breasts. You may decide you would like a breast lift because you have lost volume and tone in your breast having children. Another frequent reason for having this procedure is the loss of a significant amount of weight.

A breast lift improvise the appearance of your breast in several ways it elevates your breast tissue, removes excess skin from the lower portion of your breast and then reshapes your remaining breast skin. At the same time, it relocates your nipple and areola (the pigment skin surrounding tour nipple) to a higher position. If your areolas have stretched over time, they can de reduced in size. Women who have their breasts lifted often may decide to also have them enlarged. If this is the case, an implant is placed behind the breast tissue or chest muscle (see page 23).

A commonly performed breast lift technique (see illustrations) uses incisions that follow your breast’s natural contour. The resulting scar, which is permanent but will fade to some extent overtime, encircles the areola and then extends vertically down the breast and horizontally along the crease underneath the breast. There are other breast lift techniques thet may eliminate the horizontal incision, the vertical incision, or both. The use of any particular pattern of incisions depends on individual patient factors and your surgeon’s recommendation.

Following surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in a gauze dressing or placed in a surgical bra. You may be instructed to wear a supportive bra for several weeks. Swelling and discoloration are to be expected but will gradually subside. You may experience decreased breast or nipple sensation, which usually is temporary. You should be able to return to work within one or two weeks.
Focus On
Over time, the breasts begin to sag and the areolas become larger.

After  the surgery,  breasts are higher and firmer. The sutures usually located around the areola, below it, and in the crease under the breast.
As our cost for this Procedure is much lower in France, it is possible to offer our services at much lower rates than those normally found in Great Britain.