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Paris Beauty Surgeons Ltd was created by a group of Paris-trained plastic surgeons after repeated questions from their patients about low cost cosmetic centres.

We decided to study this issue seriously when we realised that many patients underwent surgery in countries we considered unsafe because they couldn't afford a procedure in France, their own country and, what is more, considered one of the best in the world for plastic surgery !


The financial analysis carried out made it clear that costs could be cut and safe, quality cosmetic surgery provided.

After further research we realised that in Great Britain prices were even higher than in France and we thus decided to offer our services overseas.


The consultation with your chosen cosmetic surgeon will leave no stone unturned in a concise explanation of exactly what will take place before, during and after your cosmetic surgery procedure. You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss your needs, concerns and expectations - all of which will be thoroughly explored between yourself and the highly qualified Paris Beauty Surgeons team

We offer personal attention, privacy, and only the highest level of surgical care

Choosing Paris Beauty surgeons  will ensure that you get the finest plastic surgeon and clinic for your cosmetic surgery procedure.