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Terms of use

The Quality Charter between Paris Beauty Surgeons Ltd and its patients:



   * To inform the patient about the nature, the potential risks and the result of surgery.

   * To establish a precise estimate of cost at the time of the first consultation.

   * To undertake a medical health check before the surgery.

   * To take photographs before and after the surgery.

   * To complete an account/report of the operation.

   * To ensure the patient receives the post-operative consultations necessary for successful follow-up.


All of our surgeons are registered with the French Medical Council, the GMC and various scientific societies.


All operations carry some risk and while it is hoped that all medical, or cosmetic procedures will go to plan even with a smooth procedure it is wise to exercise some caution.  Plan properly for the recovery period and anticipate any possible complications.  Allow some flexibility to your schedule – just in case.  Know what to expect - ask the doctor for detailed instructions and to explain what is normal and what is not for the days following the surgery.



Paris Beauty Surgeons Ltd makes you feel comfortable and secure.

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