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Testimonial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad in France

Thank you,thank you, thank you.  After many years of wishing i had a beautiful tummy, i now have.  your whole team from the receptionist, the anaesthetist Bruno, in fact every one at the clinic are fantastic.  You have made my dreams come true, your help with everything from booking my hotel and a shuttle, even things that my partner could do whilst i was in the clinic, plus the fact he could visit when ever he pleased, so simple.  

From the moment i met you, you made me feel like a person and not an obese slob like some very well known clinics in England did, you sympathetically listened to my needs and transformed my whole life.  The person that looks back at me in the mirror now has a big confident smile, something that i have never had before.  Many of my friends have asked where i went for my tummy tuck and were surprised when i said Paris, but i have no hesitation in recommending you.  You can gladly use my before and after photos too if you wish.  That is how proud i am of my new figure.

Thank you Peter and all your staff

Chantelle Jennison
Testimonial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad in France

From the very first phonecall to Paris Beauty, I was made to feel at ease and every detail was explained to me.  My surgeon Dr Philippe was fantastic.  He made me feel relaxed and he was so kind and reassuring.  I didn't even mind showing him my awful tummy!  He talked me through the procedure and the results I would expect.  I booked my surgery slot there and then!  Sarah was fantastic and she arranged everything for me.  She even found me a hotel which had a family room so that my husband and two young children could come with me.  

On arrival at the clinic the day before my surgery, Sarah met me and she helped me with the relevant paperwork and came with me to meet the anaesthetist.  She was so kind and friendly and when I got last minute nerves she was there to calm me and comfort me.  

The clinic and the staff in Paris were all fantastic.  Far superior to any hospital I have visited in the UK.  On the morning of my surgery my surgeon came to my room and he walked down to the operating room with me.  
After the operation I had the support and care of the nurses and had my own lovely private room with en-suite bathroom.  After one night I returned home.  The post operative care is fantastic and you are simply not forgotten because you have had your operation.  I have had several appointments with my surgeon since my operation.  

As to the operation!  WOW!  What a difference!  It really has changed my life!  My stomach is flat now where before it hung down saggy and flabby!  My waist is slim and now I can wear all the high waisted trousers and big chunky belts in confidence!  

The surgeon really did make a fantastic job of my tummy tuck and liposuction. I am so pleased with the results and will recommend Paris Beauty to anyone looking for a professional and caring environment for their surgery!  I would do it all again!  Thank you to all the medical staff at the Clinic in France and especially to Sarah and foremostly Dr Philippe !  I have the stomach I have always dreamt about and the whole experience begining to end had been fantastic!'

Testimonial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad in France

After dreaming about having a tummy tuck for several years I stumbled upon the Paris Beauty Website and I could not believe how much cheaper the surgery was compared to the UK companies I had looked at.  After taking the plunge to make the call I had an appointment to see the surgeon at the Welbeck Hospital in London.  During the consultation the procedure was explained to me and I was also examined by the doctor.  Surprisingly I felt completely at ease with someone looking at my stomach! – not even my husband was allowed to look at it never mind touch it!  I decided there and then to book the surgery and as I walked out onto the street it was one of the happiest moments of my life!  Knowing that this was really going to happen – I was going to have my dream come true!  The few short weeks I had to wait until my surgery in Paris felt like an eternity!  I was so excited!  Sarah was amazing and reassured me in my moments of nervousness and she looked after me so well!  She even managed to find and book a hotel with a family room so that we could take my two young children with us.  

On arrival in Paris, we took a short taxi ride to the clinic where Sarah met me.  She sat with me while I talked to the anaesthetist – translating where required.  She helped me fill in the paperwork required and was so kind by the end of the afternoon she felt like an old friend!  The nurses who took my blood that afternoon were fantastic too.  They were professional and competent as well as being friendly and kind.  I left the clinic feeling very confidant and reassured that I was in the best possible place to have my surgery.  The clinic itself was so clean, fresh and also attractive and comfortable.

The following morning I arrived at the clinic early and I met with the cardiologist.  I was then shown to a comfortable room to wait for my surgery.  My doctor arrived and talked to me about the surgery and walked beside me down to the operating theatre.  The whole time all I saw were friendly reassuring faces.  I admittedly felt a little nervous just before the anaesthetic was administered however a friendly hand squeeze and face calmed me and the next thing I knew I was in my own room with an en-suite bathroom.  The nurses were constantly checking on me and my medication was administered so I was in the minimum of discomfort.  My husband and children were allowed to come and see me straight away.  They went off to do some more sight seeing and I was able to rest for the remainder of the day, under the supervision of the nurses who made regular checks on me and my comfort.  By the evening I was able to get up and walk around my room.

The following morning my surgeon came to my room to check on me and I was discharged to go home around lunchtime with an appointment to meet him the following week to have my dressings removed.  He was extremely kind, understanding and reassuring and I was extremely ecstatic at my flat stomach!

The post operative care after my operation has been exceptional.  With Sarah at the end of the phone should I need to ask her any questions.  Knowing that I can call my doctor if I was concerned about anything (I never needed to as the procedure was perfect in every way).  I have had regular check ups with my doctor where he has checked my healing and also given me advice on massaging the scar tissue for optimum results.  I had my operation over 4 months ago now and I am still under the care of my surgeon with another consultation in December.  Having your treatment in Paris does certainly not mean you are having a lower level of after care.  I actually think my after care is better than any I have had in the UK.  

I am extremely happy with the results of my tummy tuck and liposuction.  My life really has changed like everyone said it would.  My confidence levels are so much higher along with my self esteem.  My wardrobe is bulging with the new lovely clothes I can now wear and everyone is so jealous of my flat stomach!

Thank you so much to all the nursing staff, to Sarah for being such a wonderfully kind person and Dr Philippe for performing my surgery so beautifully and being such a friendly, kind and professional doctor who totally put me at ease.  THANK YOU for changing my life and thanks from my 4year old and 3 year old for a Mummy who can run around the park with them and take them swimming !  Now my husband has no choice but to look at my stomach as I walk around the house in my underwear in the evening to show off my flat stomach! (flatter than his I might add!).

I would recommend the surgery, the clinic and the doctor and nursing staff to anyone – it is simply the best!


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